I'm the 3rd of 4 sisters so our house was pretty chaotic - in a good way! Food constantly being cooked in the kitchen, multiple conversations happening at the same time. I wouldn't call it a perfect family but life was beautiful in the sense where my family made my world and I love that about them. It's the beauty in the chaos! :D  

So why photography? Growing up, we constantly had a camera at hand. As kids we loved capturing our silly faces then showing all the photos to mom and dad. There's just something about looking back at yesterday's photos to last years photos that make my heart melt, makes me smile OR sometimes makes me bust out into laughing! It all started out by simply capturing memories - then it turned into craft that I loved doing. I'm not just photographing photos.. I'm photographing them in a way where it will get your emotions.

It's these little-big moments that I'd love to look back and print out and frame! This is pretty much the reason why I love photographing weddings, proposals and family sessions. No matter the age, milestone or event, we all share that same emotion of love, joy and happiness.

A little bit about me

Hello, It's Nice to Meet You!

I'm Hope


"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"


It is a true honor when my couples call me back to photograph the next chapter in their life. Whether it being a Proposal to Wedding or a Wedding to a Newborn session, or even a Newborn Session to their child's 1st birthday; I literally jump for JOY!! My answer will always be YES! 

My philosophy is to truly capture your moment and create memories for as many chapters of your life as possible. I am inspired by how much we grow, us entering into a new chapter, experiencing a new joy to just being overall excited for all the new things yet to come!!

Above all, you always come first because these photos are for you. 

Take me anywhere with a scenic view and I'll immediately fall in love with it
This is how my photography journey started! I'm constantly on a hunt to find an epic scenic view!

I love Homecooked meals
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going out to restaurants for brunch, dinner etc. But when my friends or neighbors say they thought about me and cooked me something - it really warms my heart. 

You can probably already tell, I'm a huge family person

I don't like bubble tea
I know.... shocker! 

My cat Mufasa is technically a dog trapped inside a cat's body

My photography style is natural, soft, film-like and artistic with lots of emotion. Staying true to your skin tone is something that is important to me in my photography work because, 10 years from now, I want you looking back at your gallery as if you're reliving your moment all over again.

I use skillful direction and creativity, I strive to showcase my couple's personalities through imagery that is romantic and visually appealing.

I take pride in delivering high quality of images with intricate details and pure colors. All of my sessions come with access to a private online gallery including all of your edited high and low resolution images, printing release and shareable links to your gallery for your loved ones.

"EVERY Wedding, Every Shoot, I see the WORLD through a Whole New Lens. YOUR Story will be Different from the Last, and This IGNIES My Passion all over again. "

My couples are fun, full of joy, adventurous, and down to earth. They value high quality and trust me to produce it for them and their loved ones. My clients tend to describe me as hard working, sociable, and professional to get you the gorgeous photos that you desire. I also make sure that both of you are the sole focus on your wedding day by allowing you plenty of time to have fun with you guests and enjoy each other's company; by carving just the right amount of time for portraits.

Your experience with me will be filled with trust, love, value and tons of fun! I believe that by implementing these four things throughout your wedding experience with me will make sure you receive the highest quality of service and satisfaction you deserve!

Work with me

Hope is an extremely talented photographer who not only takes amazing pictures but does a brilliant job capturing real, genuine emotion. Hope is so easy and fun to work with because of her kind, friendly and fun personality. When we look at our proposal/engagement pictures we re-live the moment every time. Thank you for putting in so much thought about outfits, poses, location, our vision, and really executing exactly what we wanted. We are so glad we had the opportunity of working with you and look forward to seeing/working with you again!

Deepak + Simran

“Hope was beyond amazing to work with! She made my vision come to life. For me, the most important thing I look for in a photographer is how comfortable they make me feel. I am not always comfortable in front of a camera, but she made me feel super comfortable and the shots turned out so natural!”


Hope was amazing. Communication was efficient, photos were exceptional and turn around time was quick. Overall, very flexible, offered great suggestions. Highly recommend!.

TJ & Manpreet

Sweet Nothings

Beautiful and Effortless photos that reflect real genuine love. Because these photos are meant for you.

No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

Two Souls