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September 15, 2022

Natural, In Home Newborn Photoshoot with Parents

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Newborn sessions are so so special. I especially love capturing the little ones in the comfort of their home! Photographing all the love in your home when you bring home that fresh, new baby is unexplainable. I’m so excited to show you this natural, in home newborn photoshoot with her parents, James + Veronica.

Natural, In Home Newborn Photoshoot with Parents1

A Growing Family

James and I have been friends for a while now. We met when he had just gotten engaged. I was so thrilled to watch the adventure him and his new wife would go on. James and Veronica are now married with a new baby girl, Alaia, and another on the way. It’s been so fun to watch and be able to document all their big life moments. I recently took Alaia’s 1st birthday photos and they are just as precious as these newborn photos!

Natural, In Home Newborn Photoshoot with Parents1

Why In Home Newborn Photoshoots are so Special

When I arrived at James and Veronica’s place, it was such a well designed and decorated space. It gave off modern vibes while keeping true to them as a couple (and now family!). Part of the reason I love doing newborn photoshoots with parents and in home, is because you get to capture them in their most comfortable space. They not only get to capture this part of their lives, but also the space they were living for this moment in time.

Showering Baby Alaia with Love

I couldn’t help but notice how cute they all were together. It was my first time meeting Veronica in person, and she might be the sweetest human alive. She was so graceful as a new mom and was absolutely glowing.

They all couldn’t stop smiling at each other. No prompts were needed because all the love they were showering onto their baby. They adapted to the photo session surprising quickly, and barely even noticed I was there snapping away. There was so much love around newborn baby, Alaia. I was just there to witness and capture it all!

Natural, In Home Newborn Photoshoot with Parents1

Grandma Joined Too!

Alaia’s grandma came to help out with the baby during the session when needed. We kept telling her to join in on photos, but she declined. Eventually she fell in love with the photoshoot process and wanted some photos with Alaia. She wanted those memories with her first grandchild, even if she wasn’t “dressed up” for it. These are some of my favorite photos from the gallery because they show the pure joy in her eyes, and capture such pure moments between grandma and baby!

The energy in the room when shooting a newborn session is so so special. There was endless amounts of love and joy circling us at all times. I can’t wait to show you more of all the love as well as some of baby Alaia’s adorable dresses and beautiful blue eyes!

Montreal In Home Newborn Photoshoot with Parents

I felt so lucky to capture this growing family in their home and witness all the love they have for each other! If you’re looking for a Montreal newborn photographer, let’s chat. If you’re just looking for inspiration for an in home newborn photoshoot with parents, keep scrolling!

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