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August 17, 2022

Fall Engagement Photos Pose Ideas

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“I don’t like getting my pictures taken because I don’t know what poses to do in front of the camera!” Sounds familiar? Here are some poses for couples that work all year round! I love to reassure my clients letting them know that it’s okay if you don’t know how to pose in front of a camera. It’s my job to pose you in the most natural way that’ll look amazing on camera. So don’t worry because I got you! You’ll also find some stunning fall engagement photos with Jessica + James. Hope you enjoy these pose ideas and some inspiration for your fall engagement photos.

It’s OKAY to Not Know How to Pose

Believe it or not, I hear this way more than you think and it’s perfectly normal! I know it’s scary… because well.. You don’t have a mirror in front of you! I am here to gently guide you throughout each frame, I know which angles flatter your body and I know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Bring Props

This could be a hat, scarf, blanket, flowers, food, your pets, flowy dresses, jackets, coffee you name it! 

Props can easily distract you from knowing that someone is there taking your pictures. There are so many different types of movement you can do with props. If there’s something that catches my eyes, I’ll easily let you know about it and we can work more on that magic! 

The Piggy Back

Hop on your lover’s back and have fun with it. This is always such a playful pose and helps to bring out your inner child with your partner! Don’t worry I’ll let you know if anyone looks uncomfortable at any point. This pose is perfect for capturing that unposed posed look!

The Smooch

Oh yes, the smooch. Another easy distraction! Concentrate on your partner and I’ll know which angles to get the best frame! 

Walking With Arms Around Each Other

As easy as it sounds, this is probably one of my favorite things to ask my couples to do. I don’t ask all my couples to do this because every photoshoot theme and mood is different. But when the theme comes for it, there’s just a magical feeling when couples put their arms around each other. It’s a very easy fix from being scared and not knowing what to do to, ahh.. So relaxing. 

Tickle Fight

The couple in this fall engagement session had the tickle fight down to a science. He would give her little pinches on her stomach to make her laugh. This pose brings out more genuine smiles than you’ll see anywhere else. We want you smiling IN the picture, not FOR the picture!

The Scoop and Dip

This pose is sort of like the piggyback pose, but it’s a little more romantic. Still brings out all the smiles, but you get to look into your lover’s eyes and maybe even give them a little smooch!

The Hug From Behind

I love putting a little twist on this classic pose. Both you and your partner take turns doing the hugging. Bonus: (you’ll see this couple adding this bonus in their gallery below) Add in a little tickle fight and the laughter and fun will start pouring through the photos!

The Playful Couple in These Fall Engagement Photos

Jessica and James’ fall engagement photos were a shoot that I very much enjoyed. I can still remember many of the things that made us laugh throughout the session and just looking back, we seriously had a good time! 

I’m over the moon knowing that these two finally got married!! If you planned to get married in 2020…. Then you know all too well what Jessica and James went through. 

I had the pleasure of photographing Jessica and James Engagement Photoshoot last Fall at Angrignon Park and we were all so happy to see how everything turned out. As a photographer, I am the one that normally observes everything and the one who captures each moment before it quickly goes by. 

The true test was always about lighting and the test of time. But to be able to look behind your camera viewfinder, pause and think – these two are so cute and they are just so perfect for eachother. That really melts my heart. 

Both Jessica and James’ personalities literally match. It’s so perfect that they compliment each other so well. I am just so grateful to have a job to be able to  witness these moments. Jessica and James just know how to bring the light out of each other. They do quirkiest things to make each other laugh and they just literally have so much fun with each other. From him pinching her belly fat to make her laugh, then messing up each pose I suggested to them to do to being unable to sit slanted on a tiny hill because it felt like his abs were working out too hard – Believe it or not, I was laughing so hard behind the camera but I had to remind myself to take pictures! 

Hope you enjoy the gallery of this fall engagement shoot! 

If you’re still looking for a photographer to take your fall engagement photos in Montreal, or anywhere in Canada, let’s chat! I’d love to hear your love story!

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