Hope Nguyen

April 20, 2021

James + Veronica

My Journal

I’m SO excited to introduce my first HopeCouple in the Newborn Session category to you!!!

It’s crazy to remember that when I met James roughly 2 years ago, he just got engaged! Getting married young myself, I was thrilled for all the new adventure him and his with his wife will be on! Fast Forward to now, both our families grew! We both now have a new addition to the family!! I gave birth to a beautiful (now 8 month old) boy and James and Veronica have a beautiful girl. I STILL remember my overjoyed feeling when he told me that he and his wife were expecting a baby girl in the next 3 months!!!. After I experienced motherhood for the first few weeks, I was just so happy for James and Veronica’s new chapter of life together with with their baby girl. 

When I arrived at James’ and Veronica’s place on Photoshoot Day, I couldn’t help but notice how cute they are together. It was my first time really meeting Veronica in person-she is just the sweetest! They couldn’t stop smiling at each other, James being a gentleman, Veronica was so graceful as a new mom and oh, grandma was there too!

The energy you get from a newborn photo session as a photographer was beyond amazing. It’s definitely a different feeling where you can feel that the room was filled with so much love and excitement for this new addition to the family. The best part was that we kept telling grandma to be in the photos and she didn’t want to! But then FINALLY, she said “you know what Hope, take some pictures of me with Alaia”. It’s for memories. Babies grow soo fast!! Baby Alaia’s cute little dresses, her yawns and blue eyes!! Ahh so cute! While I was shooting the session, it really brought me back to when I first gave birth to my son. It really is just a magical feeling.

I’m just honoured that James and Veronica asked me to be their photographer during this moment of their life. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from this session!

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